Don't Take Accounting. Or Criminal Justice and Corrections.

I took Financial Accounting in the same building I have Criminal Justice and Corrections (Crime and Punishment, as Bill calls it), and the professors look exactly alike. They're not, though.

Auto response from calligna781: studying for accounting

. . . seriously it's pointless at this point
Skier Wysz (10:55:17 PM): ahhh accounting... i got a D in financial accounting last semester. it was the only class that i never skipped. i'm not exactly sure what lesson i'm supposed to learn from that.
calligna781 (10:55:38 PM): lol
calligna781 (10:55:42 PM): don't take accounting
calligna781 (10:55:48 PM): same lesson i'm learning
Skier Wysz (10:55:55 PM): thats it!
calligna781 (10:55:58 PM): haha
Skier Wysz (10:56:10 PM): also, never take criminal justice and corrections

Posted: Wednesday - November 17, 2004 at 08:07 PM