Is it a real word? Let me know.

ShkenBlke2 (6:53:29 PM): im trying 2 tie the massive web of screenames on ur blog 2gether and figure out how they all interconnect
Skier Wysz (6:53:59 PM): haha yeah i figured people would start to make the connections
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:03 PM): if im really motivated about it i'll make a flow chart
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:12 PM): and i'll send it 2 u
Skier Wysz (6:54:15 PM): of course you have made some mistakes
Skier Wysz (6:54:25 PM): thinking that csvroomfondel was a girl
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:25 PM): me, mistakes?!?!?!?! no
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:26 PM): never
Skier Wysz (6:54:30 PM): and parec02 is british
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:42 PM): british and jersian are the same thing
ShkenBlke2 (6:54:47 PM): it would suk either way
Skier Wysz (6:55:15 PM): well a jersian is a brit but a brit is not necessarily a jersian
ShkenBlke2 (6:55:43 PM): explain
Skier Wysz (6:56:00 PM): a jersian is someone from jersey, right?
Skier Wysz (6:56:06 PM): which is in britain
Skier Wysz (6:56:29 PM): it's like how a square is a rectangle
Skier Wysz (6:56:39 PM): but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square
ShkenBlke2 (6:56:45 PM): there is a jersey in britain?
ShkenBlke2 (6:56:50 PM): i didnt know th@
Skier Wysz (6:56:54 PM): british is the larger subset
Skier Wysz (6:56:57 PM): ok blake
Skier Wysz (6:56:59 PM): think about it
Skier Wysz (6:57:06 PM): if we have new jersey here
ShkenBlke2 (6:57:10 PM): it doesnt hafta b in britain
Skier Wysz (6:57:13 PM): there must be an original
Skier Wysz (6:57:17 PM): and where did we come from
ShkenBlke2 (6:57:38 PM): there is one "New..." in the US that isnt from britain originally i believe
Skier Wysz (6:58:02 PM): yeah new mexico

Posted: Tuesday - December 07, 2004 at 04:00 PM