Blog Update

Here it is!

Skier Wysz (8:29:44 AM): ETA of update is t-minus 5 minutes or so
BuffyPrep5 (8:29:44 AM): i thought you said you updated it
BuffyPrep5 (8:29:55 AM): boff
Skier Wysz (8:29:57 AM): it is updating
BuffyPrep5 (8:30:04 AM): shush
Skier Wysz (8:30:07 AM): give it time
Skier Wysz (8:30:50 AM): soon it will be at the point where nothing is on it
Skier Wysz (8:30:55 AM): that is always exciting
BuffyPrep5 (8:31:04 AM): haha
Skier Wysz (8:31:11 AM): here it comes...
Skier Wysz (8:31:17 AM): hit reload
BuffyPrep5 (8:31:27 AM): ooooooooh
Skier Wysz (8:31:34 AM): yeah pretty cool huh
BuffyPrep5 (8:31:34 AM): this is so pathetic wysz
BuffyPrep5 (8:31:37 AM): i'm sitting here in paris
BuffyPrep5 (8:31:42 AM): waiting for your website to reload
Skier Wysz (8:32:50 AM): ok t-minus a few more minutes now, and it's your fault
BuffyPrep5 (8:32:57 AM): hows it my fault?
Skier Wysz (8:33:06 AM): because i am adding the pathetic quote
BuffyPrep5 (8:33:10 AM): oh
BuffyPrep5 (8:33:11 AM): noooo
BuffyPrep5 (8:33:15 AM): it makes me look really pathetic
Skier Wysz (8:34:01 AM): too late. i already cancelled the update, and now my blog is in a sort of purgatory, with only some pages online.

Posted: Monday - September 27, 2004 at 05:34 AM