Caring For Animals

I'm sure they all like me the best.

Skier Wysz (3:48:10 AM): i get awesome at home
Auto response from Reneelet: I get insomnia at home
Skier Wysz (3:48:40 AM): i just spent about an hour downstairs watching spy tv and cheers with sniffles
Skier Wysz (3:49:17 AM): and i gave the cats some lunchmeat from the refrigerator so they will like me better. i want to be the favorite
Reneelet (10:54:42 AM): i fed my venus fly trap some lunch meat once
Reneelet (10:54:58 AM): and its limb turned brown, shriveled up, and fell off
Reneelet (10:56:50 AM): i only bribe my animals with certified pet chow
Reneelet (10:56:56 AM): because i care about them

Posted: Monday - December 20, 2004 at 08:20 AM