When you're too tired to fight back

Just take it like a man.

ShkenBlke2 (12:54:48 AM): u havnt updated ur blog in awhile
Skier Wysz (12:55:10 AM): sorry, i dont have anything to say
Skier Wysz (12:55:18 AM): i can't update just to update
ShkenBlke2 (12:56:10 AM): yes
ShkenBlke2 (12:56:12 AM): yes u can
ShkenBlke2 (12:56:36 AM): u could put sum random thought on life
ShkenBlke2 (12:56:58 AM): or post a link 2 my blog as a post
Skier Wysz (12:57:09 AM): fine
Skier Wysz (12:57:21 AM): let me get the old iblog fired up
ShkenBlke2 (12:57:29 AM): haha
ShkenBlke2 (12:57:30 AM): YES
ShkenBlke2 (12:57:37 AM): I win
Skier Wysz (12:57:48 AM): congratulations

Skier Wysz (12:53:52 AM): if the steelers played i'd want them to win
Miltime63 (12:54:04 AM): um why
Skier Wysz (12:54:41 AM): everyone in my family except for my generation is from pittsburgh, so i've kinda been brainwashed. plus pittsburgh has better fans
Skier Wysz (12:54:52 AM): nobody likes philly fans
Miltime63 (12:54:54 AM): ah ok
Miltime63 (12:55:04 AM): thats a terrible statement
Miltime63 (12:55:20 AM): just b/c no one likes eagles fans doesnt mean they r bad
Miltime63 (12:55:46 AM): philly has the best fans in the nation period
Skier Wysz (12:55:59 AM): whatever, i dont care enough to argue this
Skier Wysz (12:56:09 AM): so i'll concede
Miltime63 (12:56:11 AM): cause im right. yup
Skier Wysz (12:56:16 AM): yeah

Posted: Monday - January 24, 2005 at 09:58 PM