Good Point

Mohak is soooo not a name.

muzikgoddss (10:26:59 PM): how did you make john's icon have your pic disappear and reappear
Skier Wysz (10:27:41 PM): by having brendan do it, but i could do it too. just use photoshop to erase me, then use a gif program to fade from the erased version to the real version
muzikgoddss (10:28:49 PM): sounds complicated
Skier Wysz (10:29:22 PM): yeah, he was studying for an exam so he wanted to work on something that would take a while i guess
muzikgoddss (10:29:31 PM): hahahaha oh geez
muzikgoddss (10:31:18 PM): well either way it is cool
Skier Wysz (10:31:39 PM): of course it's cool, it involves me
muzikgoddss (10:31:47 PM): no, then it would be awesome
Skier Wysz (10:32:53 PM): very good point

Posted: Monday - December 06, 2004 at 07:34 PM