I've seen it

Skier Wysz (2:23:27 PM): say the class!
BuffyPrep5 (2:23:35 PM): why?
Skier Wysz (2:24:03 PM): i want to know what it is
BuffyPrep5 (2:24:17 PM): it doesn't matter, you're not in it
BuffyPrep5 (2:24:49 PM): 19th and 20th century french poetry
BuffyPrep5 (2:24:52 PM): happy now?
Skier Wysz (2:24:58 PM): yes
Skier Wysz (2:25:08 PM): ever see groundhog day

Reneelet (4:06:09 PM): i saw bill lying down sleeping on the main floor of the library today
Skier Wysz (4:07:41 PM): haha
Skier Wysz (4:08:03 PM): was he tucked away in a corner, or just in the middle of the floor?
Reneelet (4:08:15 PM): right inside the doors, lying down on a bench
Skier Wysz (4:09:04 PM): the level where they sell coffee? or the level below that?
Reneelet (4:09:17 PM): coffee
Skier Wysz (4:09:38 PM): ok i don't think that's technically the "main" level
Skier Wysz (4:09:48 PM): that is M level or Q level or something
Reneelet (4:09:56 PM): q
Skier Wysz (4:10:00 PM): ah
Skier Wysz (4:11:11 PM): then why did you say "main floor"? it's not main, and a library at a fine institution such as johns hopkins would never have floors. we have levels.
Reneelet (4:11:32 PM): haha
Reneelet (4:11:51 PM): like when we went into Godiva chocolates and i asked for cookies, and she was like, we only have biscuits
Skier Wysz (4:13:02 PM): haha
Skier Wysz (4:13:23 PM): oh and in carpool they go to the gourmet food store, and they don't sell donuts!
Skier Wysz (4:13:46 PM): but, then at the end, they sell gourmet donuts at the carnival
Skier Wysz (4:14:06 PM): you have never seen that movie have you
Reneelet (4:14:12 PM): nope

Posted: Wednesday - March 23, 2005 at 01:16 PM