I've been awake for about 24 hours, it's too risky to sleep before class, and class isn't over until 4, so it's gonna be a long day.

Note: John Stowe, who I renamed John Stowington, is now John Stowingtons, which was again my decision. I think it's funnier with the "s" because using the possessive is awkward. Is that John Stowingtons's machete? Hmm, well trust me, it's awkward when you have to say it. Maybe I should take it a step further, and make his name Johns's Stowingtons'. Then what would the possessive be? Johns's'? Johns's Stowingtons''s?

VEGAS! Let's go!

Skier Wysz (12:02:59 PM): i like your joke on the vocal chords page about dropping a shotput
Skier Wysz (12:03:02 PM): did you make it up
Skier Wysz (12:03:08 PM): it makes me smile every time
Stowington (12:03:15 PM): it is a stowingtons original
Skier Wysz (12:03:19 PM): wow
Skier Wysz (12:03:32 PM): so you didnt adapt it from an existing joke?
Stowington (12:03:55 PM): not knowingly

Here's an excerpt from John's bio:
Favorite excuse for being late to rehearsal: I dropped a shotput on my toe
Favorite excuse for being early to rehearsal: I dropped a shotput on my coach's toe

Posted: Thursday - January 27, 2005 at 09:16 AM