Financing carpet problem. I mean Facebook.

Okay, I admit it. I'm on that Facebook thing. Meghan told me to participate, and I do what I'm told. I also registered to prevent a false registration under my name, which would be easy to do with JHEM's email alias feature.

Since I registered reluctantly, I figured I could still fight the system by refusing to be "friends" with anyone from JHU. Well, some fellow sent me a request, and I noticed that he was from my high school, so I accepted him. I accept everyone who requests, because who wants to hurt someone's feelings on some silly website? Unfortunately, as soon as I confirmed our friendship, I saw that he actually goes to JHU. All hope was not lost, however, as I justified it by telling myself that it is still funny to have him as my only friend at Hopkins, because I don't believe I've ever met him.

The funny thing about Thefacebook is that people on it have a very broad definition of "friend," that includes "anyone who is of a similar species." I've had requests from people I've never seen, people I've never talked to, and people I haven't spoken to since sometime before high school graduation. Of course, I accepted them all.

If you don't have an account and want to see what Thefacebook looks like without registering, look at my profile. If you go to JHU, no offense, but please don't bother requesting "friendship." It's for a joke, remember. Support the good cause of humor. However, if you are not a JHU student, feel free to send me a request. I will accept even if I don't know you, because that's how Thefacebook works.

This entry is in the "Quotes" category because I noticed the subject lines of some of my messages were pretty funny:

Sarah Griffith
financing carpet problem
7:04pm 11.11.04

John Young
Civil Unrest in French Indo-China
8:45am 11.05.04

John Young
Dilemmas of International Trade
10:46am 10.29.04

John Young
The Ottoman Empire

Posted: Thursday - November 11, 2004 at 07:53 PM