My Blog Goes International

I wonder if I should provide a translated UK version, with words like colour and crumpet.

DanJDavies0001 (12:23:46 PM): wow, im almost mentioned on your blog
DanJDavies0001 (12:23:56 PM): and no, i dont like tea
Skier Wysz (12:24:10 PM): isn't that treason?
DanJDavies0001 (12:24:51 PM): and i suppose you walk around with a bandjo, and wearing dungeries (or as i used to call them nostrals)
DanJDavies0001 (12:25:09 PM): the all in one jeans thing
Skier Wysz (12:25:27 PM): haha i'd call them overalls
Skier Wysz (12:25:32 PM): but yeah i see your point
DanJDavies0001 (12:25:53 PM): scones are the best tho
Skier Wysz (12:26:16 PM): so you are british!

Posted: Thursday - November 18, 2004 at 09:35 AM