Monday Morning Dream Crushing

Yes, it would be humorous. Perhaps so humorous that I would be able to sign up for Comedy Writing. But no, Eh, Steve won't help me out, and the registrar won't let me in, so I'm signed up for 3 credits. Ugh.

Skier Wysz (7:26:18 AM): do you have a telephone in your apartment
quint55 (7:26:46 AM): only cell phones
quint55 (7:26:48 AM): why?
Skier Wysz (7:27:13 AM): ugh, i was hoping that "Eh, Steve" could join "Wysz, The" in the greater baltimore white pages
quint55 (7:27:20 AM): haha
Skier Wysz (7:27:21 AM): thanks for crushing my dreams
quint55 (7:27:24 AM): that would be humorous

Posted: Monday - January 31, 2005 at 04:31 AM