Is it just me, or is he really an idiot?

ShkenBlke2 (6:25:33 PM): yeah, ok
ShkenBlke2 (6:25:36 PM): bill me
Skier Wysz (6:25:40 PM): aight
ShkenBlke2 (6:25:49 PM): how much of this made the blog
Skier Wysz (6:26:22 PM): you'll see in a minute, just have to think of a title

ShkenBlke2 (6:11:16 PM): so my hardrive icon most of the time is always in the top right corner of my desktop
Skier Wysz (6:11:39 PM): yeah
ShkenBlke2 (6:11:57 PM): well recently, sometimes when i turn my computer on in the mornings i find that its in the same line, but lower down below these 2 folders i have on the desktop
Skier Wysz (6:12:16 PM): do you have a lot of stuff on your desktop or just those 2 folders
ShkenBlke2 (6:12:29 PM): just those 2 folder
ShkenBlke2 (6:12:33 PM): and iTunes
ShkenBlke2 (6:12:48 PM): and iChat
Skier Wysz (6:13:00 PM): you have the actual apps on your desktop? or aliases
ShkenBlke2 (6:13:04 PM): no
ShkenBlke2 (6:13:10 PM): nope
Skier Wysz (6:13:22 PM): which one?
ShkenBlke2 (6:13:45 PM): i said no
ShkenBlke2 (6:13:46 PM): lol
Skier Wysz (6:14:08 PM): but i asked if it was the apps or aliases
Skier Wysz (6:14:15 PM): that is not really a yes/no question
ShkenBlke2 (6:16:16 PM): the apps
ShkenBlke2 (6:16:17 PM): sorry
Skier Wysz (6:16:30 PM): ok yeah that is a bad idea
Skier Wysz (6:16:43 PM): you should keep them in your applications folder
Skier Wysz (6:16:53 PM): only put aliases of apps on your desktop
Skier Wysz (6:17:23 PM): like say you run software update and there is an update for ichat. well it will look in the applications folder for ichat, and if it's not there, ichat won't be updated
ShkenBlke2 (6:19:03 PM): i dont hav aliases of apps
ShkenBlke2 (6:19:09 PM): i never said i did
Skier Wysz (6:19:19 PM): neither did i
ShkenBlke2 (6:19:41 PM): i hav iChat and iTunes open thats it
Skier Wysz (6:20:05 PM): i didnt ask what you have open
Skier Wysz (6:20:11 PM): i asked what was on your desktop
Skier Wysz (6:20:29 PM): you said two folders, itunes, and ichat
Skier Wysz (6:20:48 PM): do you know what your desktop is?
ShkenBlke2 (6:20:54 PM): yes
ShkenBlke2 (6:20:55 PM): idiot
ShkenBlke2 (6:21:09 PM): i want 2 know y my hardrive icon keeps moving though
Skier Wysz (6:21:29 PM): yes well it is hard to tell you when you are giving weird answers to my questions
Skier Wysz (6:21:49 PM): once again, i ask, what is on your desktop
ShkenBlke2 (6:22:07 PM): nothing now
ShkenBlke2 (6:22:15 PM): i put all the folders into my documents
Skier Wysz (6:22:28 PM): so the only thing on your desktop is your hard drive
Skier Wysz (6:22:50 PM): ?
ShkenBlke2 (6:22:50 PM): yes
Skier Wysz (6:22:52 PM): ok
ShkenBlke2 (6:22:54 PM): now it is
Skier Wysz (6:23:00 PM): now in the finder
Skier Wysz (6:23:07 PM): in the view menu
Skier Wysz (6:23:11 PM): choose "clean up"
Skier Wysz (6:23:29 PM): and if the hard drive ends up where you want it, you should be good
Skier Wysz (6:23:54 PM): do you use any apps (usually games) that change the resolution of the screen?.
ShkenBlke2 (6:24:12 PM): no
ShkenBlke2 (6:24:12 PM): never
Skier Wysz (6:24:18 PM): ok then you should be fine
ShkenBlke2 (6:24:32 PM): just did it
Skier Wysz (6:24:47 PM): ok that should do it
Skier Wysz (6:25:00 PM): that'll be 50 bucks

Posted: Wednesday - February 09, 2005 at 03:27 PM