A Big Dorky Nerd


Ted trying to explain why it seems like we're always doing laundry, even if it's only every few weeks:

Skier Wysz (7:24:09 PM): i said i do laundry every 2-3 weeks
Pez Man40 (7:24:24 PM): yes same here
Pez Man40 (7:24:31 PM): but it seems like i am always doing it
Pez Man40 (7:25:35 PM): is that due to the fact that laundry is such a huge process that it never really leaves your conscious thinking
Skier Wysz (7:25:54 PM): you ARE thinking about it too much
Skier Wysz (7:26:02 PM): just look at your last quote
Skier Wysz (7:26:11 PM): it is blogworthy
Pez Man40 (7:26:17 PM): well i over analyze everything why not laundry
Pez Man40 (7:26:38 PM): someone should
Pez Man40 (7:26:52 PM): why not me
Pez Man40 (7:27:08 PM): mikey i have been analyzing everything really
Pez Man40 (7:27:18 PM): i am becoming a big dorky nerd
Pez Man40 (7:27:23 PM): even more than usual
Pez Man40 (7:27:28 PM): i don't know how but i am
Pez Man40 (7:27:43 PM): and i am lost on how to get out of this rut

Posted: Tuesday - October 05, 2004 at 04:37 PM