Star Wars Line

Ted and I are going to arrive an hour early tonight. Yes, we already Fandangoed our tickets. We'll be at the Regal in Warrington.

Michael Wyszomierski: ok we are good for warrington @12:01
Ted Skuchas: YES
Ted Skuchas: meet when
5:30 PM
Michael Wyszomierski: how bout 11:30
Ted Skuchas: k
Michael Wyszomierski: so we can sit together
Ted Skuchas: yea
Ted Skuchas: that would be good
Michael Wyszomierski: but i think we should leave the armrest down
Ted Skuchas: i think we can't do the seat inbetween this time
Ted Skuchas: yea
Ted Skuchas: good idea
Michael Wyszomierski: you think 11:30 is early enough
Ted Skuchas: i don't think it is
Ted Skuchas: i was thinking 11 to 1115 get there
Michael Wyszomierski: ok you want to just say 11?
Ted Skuchas: 11 works
Michael Wyszomierski: ok
Michael Wyszomierski: we will talk for 40 minutes then enjoy The Twenty
Ted Skuchas: seriously
Ted Skuchas: ahh the twenty

Posted: Wednesday - May 18, 2005 at 03:33 PM