Procrastination = Big Savings

On iPhoto prints.

I want to get prints of the good pictures in my iPhoto library, which will probably end up being at least 1,000 (out of my over 2,700 and growing). I was planning on doing this over break, but put it off, deciding that I should wait until I have cleaned them up in Photoshop.

Today Steve Jobs announced that 4x6 prints are only 19¢ each, instead of 39¢. For such a large number of pictures, it will make a considerable difference. If I order 1,000 4x6 prints, I will be saving 200 bucks!

A $99 iPod, a $499 Mac, and prints for 19¢? Must be a gas leak in the apartment... this cannot be real.

Posted: Tuesday - January 11, 2005 at 01:00 PM