Pepsi iTunes Music Promotion v2

The Wysz is currently in training.

As Tony, John, and several of my news feeds have informed me, Apple and Pepsi will be running a new promotion in which 1 in 3 caps of 20 oz. or 1 liter bottles contains a free song code for iTunes. 1 in 6 wins a free bottle of Pepsi.

New for this promotion is a chance to win an iPod mini. Each song code also counts as an entry in the iPod mini giveaway, in which one iPod mini will be given away each hour from February 2nd to April 11th, and a final drawing on May 2nd. The minis will be engraved with a Pepsi logo.

200,000,000 songs will be given away this time around, twice the number as last year's promotion, although it was reported that only 5 million songs were redeemed in the last giveaway.

Posted: Monday - January 17, 2005 at 08:34 PM