Griffin SmartDeck Finally Finally Finally Shipping

But where's my shipping notice?

MacMinute pointed out today that Griffin Technology's SmartDeck cassette adapter is finally shipping. Cassette adapters have been around since the age of the Discman, but the SmartDeck has a new feature: it allows you to control your iPod via the cassette controls on your stereo. You can play and pause, as well as skip and scan forward and back. If your steering wheel can control your cassette player, then your steering wheel can control your iPod. Cool. For improved audio quality, it even sets the optimal volume on the iPod automatically.

I pre-ordered the SmartDeck a long time ago, and its release was delayed several times by Griffin. I still haven't received my shipping notice, so I've sent them an email asking for an update on my order status. I'm going home this weekend, and I hope this will be my last weekend trip without a SmartDeck available. It's a long drive, especially since I take the long way home.

You can order the SmartDeck directly from Griffin or you can use my handy link. Please note that as of this writing, Amazon is listing it as "In stock soon."

Posted: Friday - September 30, 2005 at 12:12 PM