A story about a small animal.

Yesterday afternoon when I came home from picking up some Thanksgiving food in Doylestown, I found a bird sitting at our front door. It must have hit the window, because it didn't fly away when I approached. It was still breathing and blinking, so I took its picture and then left it alone, hoping that it was just stunned and would recover. I figured I would keep looking out the window, and then when it was gone, I could post the picture along with a nice story.

I looked out the window about an hour later, and it was still there, but I could see that it was still breathing. It even shuffled about half an inch a couple of times. Thinking that it wasn't going to make it through the night, I erased the picture on my camera, because who wants a picture of a dead bird? About an hour after that, right before we left to go to dinner, I checked the door again, and there was no bird. I asked if anyone had moved it, and nobody had.

When we got back from dinner, I doubted my quick observation, and went to see if the bird had simply moved a short distance from its original position. I was right to doubt myself, as I saw the bird sitting in a small bed of leaves just about two feet from where I had first seen it. I couldn't see it moving, so I went outside. When I got closer, I could see the bird looking at me, blinking frequently and doing that twitchy thing with its head that birds do. It actually seemed more alert than before, but I figured it wasn't going to make it since it didn't move. As I shuffled closer to look at its wings, the bird hopped out of the leaves and flew into the woods, five hours after I had first seen it sitting at our front door. True story.

Happy Thanksgiving. It snowed here today, which is awesome.

Posted: Thursday - November 24, 2005 at 08:14 AM