No class today


According to the registrar, the Intersession course I'm taking meets five days a week. So, today I went to the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art) where we were supposed to meet in the lobby for class. I got there right on time, but didn't see anyone. Then I thought that maybe I misheard in class, and that we were actually meeting at the Homewood House (a small museum on the Hopkins campus) first. I went there, now only a few minutes late, and asked where the class was. The woman working there told me that my class wasn't scheduled to meet there until Tuesday. I was starting to think that the absence of any mention of Friday on the syllabus was no a coincidence. Just to be sure, I went to our usual classroom and found it empty.

I was mad at first, because this means that I stayed in Baltimore longer than I had to, and could have had an extra-long weekend at home. However, I was able to justify my extended stay by the fact that I went bowling last night. Time to pack for home!

Posted: Friday - January 13, 2006 at 09:39 AM