Apple Customer Service Getting Better

Okay Phil, I wrote the gushing post, now gimme my five bucks.

Like many Apple customers, I complain a lot. Unfortunately for Apple, I think that this will always be true, since Apple's superior products & solutions naturally attracts pickier customers. Anyway, I was thinking about my blog today (while listening to a Microsoft employee, oddly enough) and I realized that I haven't been completely fair with Apple. In short, I often post when I have a problem, but I usually forget to update the post when the problem has been resolved. I think the resolution can be even more important than avoiding the problem in the first place, since it proves that the company is listening. (As long as they don't go out and create easily-fixed problems to take advantage of this!)

So, while I go back through my list of complaints and look for any resolved issues I neglected to update, I'll tell you this:
In the past few days, I've sent three different emails to Apple, all regarding iTunes. Two contained questions, and one reported a technical issue. I received human-written replies to two of the emails (an answer to a question and an acknowledgment of the technical issue), and I am still waiting for a reply to the third email. In a day when Citi looks impressive by running a commercial touting its ability to connect you to an actual talking person when you call and press 0, I'd say these responses are a good sign for Apple (and its customers), and hopefully other companies and customers to come.

Posted: Wednesday - February 08, 2006 at 10:53 AM