Miscellaneous Good News

Potpourri if goodness!

Ted graduated. Go here [RealPlayer], skip to 2:29:45, and watch Ted pick up the chancellor. I think I met him at a frat party when I visited Vandy. Seriously.

Brendan got an excellent job at ESPN doing fantasy sports stuff. He's moving to Connecticut.

I'm pretty much finished with school. No more exams, no more papers, no more projects. Just three events to go: Film screening, film party, and graduation. Almost there.

SkypeOut from anywhere in the US and Canada to any phone in the US and Canada. Normal crazy-low rates still apply to international calls.

iWeb now has support for search and comments if you use .Mac. I was gonna try out the comment thing, but I'm not sure if I trust you kids.

The new MacBook comes in black, just as I predicted.

Posted: Tuesday - May 16, 2006 at 01:22 PM