Something awesome


Today's Apple announcements have already been repeated thousands of times across the Internet, so here's my short & sweet & obligatory post on what went down. If you're pressed for time, read the bold.

I approve.

1. New iPods with longer battery life, gapless playback, and a brighter screen, iPod games available on the iTunes Store, iPod nanos have twice the storage, are thinner, and come in colors, and the iPod shuffle is even smaller. Prices are better than you'd think.

2. iTunes 7 features a new interface. I remember trying out CoverFlow a while ago and am glad to see that Apple purchased it. Videos in the store are now 640x480, and you can download older movies for $10, new releases for $15, and new new releases for $13.

3. In 2007, Apple will release a box that connects to your TV via HDMI or component video (with digital or analog audio) and plays movies/TV shows/videos, music, and pictures. It's like Front Row. Right now it's referred to by its code name, iTV, it's $300, and I plan on getting one as soon as it's available.

A couple of lingering questions from the video geek in me:
When will the downloads be HD?
When will the iPod be widescreen?

If you have time, I suggest watching Steve's presentation. He is back to his awesome self in this one.

Posted: Tuesday - September 12, 2006 at 09:41 PM