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Now, I'm not one to brag, but I had a pretty spectacular weekend.

The weekend kicked off early with a party at work, to let us wind down after important meetings in the laser tag arena and on the go-kart track. Then, on Saturday, I totally socialized with people. In person. We had game night, which, if you haven't tried it, is pretty much the coolest kind of night ever. I always thought movie night took that prize, but now that I think about it, most of the time at movie night is spent trying to decide which movie nobody has seen recently.

The first game of the evening was Boggle. There were three other players; one was smarter and way cooler (she's totally in a band*), one was the self-titled "Boggle Queen," and the other a linguistics major, so I had no chance. The winner walked away with over 50 points, while I was the only one left in the single digits with nine. But the tables turned when we played Balderdash. We played an edition with 5 categories: Words, People, Initials, Movies, and Dates. Thanks to my previous experience in coming up with hilarious things that sound real but aren't, I took an early lead and was even able to maintain it as my brain suffered through a headache, and at the end of the game emerged the victor.

So game night was awesome. But guess what I did on Sunday! I totally geeked out and drove to San Francisco, where I met up with someone I met at the grand opening of an Apple Store, watched Segway Polo, rode a Segway, and met Woz!

Some things I learned:
• Golden Gate Park is huge, especially if you're walking through it and have no idea where you're supposed to go.
• Learning how to ride a Segway is incredibly easy. In my opinion, it's even easier than walking, which is good, because sometimes I suck at walking.
• Yes, it's true, Woz is a really nice guy, and really good at Segway Polo. He took quite a spill during the final chukkar, and when I asked him about it, he said that he likes to fall! When I told him that I just received my shipping notice from Amazon for his autobiography, he said, "I just got my notice too. I can't wait— I haven't even read it yet!" That's right, Amazon treats Wysz just like Woz.

Yep, this weekend pretty much ruled. It may be over, but at least tomorrow's Talk Like A Pirate Day. There's always something to look forward to.
*Probably my first MySpace link

Posted: Monday - September 18, 2006 at 11:22 PM