Office Space meets The Office at My Office

Wysz gets punk'd!

I have a reputation at work for being a fan of The Office. I also have a lot of Office Space memorabilia on my desk. One of my coworkers thought it would be funny to combine my two interests. Here's what I found on my desk this morning:
Initech mug in Jello

It was very nicely done, with the Initech logo proudly placed at the top:
Initech mug in Jello closeup

To make things even better, I took off my jacket to reveal that I was wearing my Dunder-Mifflin shirt to celebrate the fact that it was Thursday:
Wysz holding Initech mug in Jello

My manager keeps telling me that I need to expand my interests beyond office humor and get a hobby. Perhaps this is proof.

Posted: Thursday - March 01, 2007 at 08:37 PM