Prepared For Anything

Auxiliary systems online, sir!

Our power went out last night around 3 AM, so I got to experience the first real-world test of my APC UPS system. Everything in the room went dark, except for my trusty Quicksilver PowerMac G4, which remained on and politely informed me that is was running on reserve power while the UPS beeped once each minute. I was able to gracefully quit my applications and shut down the computer, with plenty of time to spare. Once the computer was off, I was completely in the dark, so I navigated to my crazy party light shown below. By the way, cell phones and iPods are excellent emergency flashlights if your trusty Maglite isn't within reach.

Living out in the woods, we have a generator for emergency power. It doesn't power any lights in my room except for the bathroom, but it does power one outlet, which happened to be the one that I plugged this colorful light into when we moved in, since I didn't know which outlets were powered during outages. So, every time the power goes out, I illuminate my room with a colorful spinning light show.

I called the power company and then relaxed to some battery-powered music on my iPod until I drifted off into my beauty sleep, which was ended four hours later when I was asked why we didn't have Internet access. My next step is to get a UPS for the cable modem, Airport, and router downstairs, which will hopefully cut down on the need for resets (and the need for me to get out of bed) by providing a more consistent supply of power.

What's with all the unnecessary links in this entry? I don't know; I was on a roll and couldn't stop.

Posted: Friday - January 07, 2005 at 07:07 AM