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Greetings from The Wysz!
First time here?

Ted's friend Carolineicon suggested that I add pictures, so from now on, I will keep a picture here. This means that you will now have to scroll to get to the links at the bottom, but I think you can handle that. I took the current photo on Saturday, February 14th, 2004 outside of the cafeteria at JHU at sunset.
Sunset with cranes in silhouette

News Bit and/or Announcement:
ironviking 60 (11:53:08 PM): well, I have a new screen name which I'll be gradually phasing in over the next couple of weeks
Skier Wysz (11:53:20 PM): which is?
ironviking 60 (11:53:36 PM): eightman1984
ironviking 60 (11:54:09 PM): I would appreciate a general annoucement on your website, I wouldn't want to disappoint my legions of fans

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Dave, Conan and SNL
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