An Introduction:

First time here? Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am Michael Wyszomierski, and my website is called "Home of the Wysz," or "HotW" for short. I'm pretty simple, so these points should cover just about everything about me:
  1. I'm awesome. I can't explain it, but it is true nonetheless. Don't question this.
  2. I'm bitter. Educational institutions are to blame. You will learn more about this if you explore this site.
  3. One of my letters to the CBS Mailbag made it on the air. I am very proud of this. Let me have my moment, and let me replay it.
  4. I am an idiot.
  5. I'm available.

A search engine probably sent you here because you looking for something related to Strong Bad, most likely buddy icons. Even though I don't have any Strong Bad buddy icons, I hope that this site will not disappoint you. If you are looking for updates, I suggest looking at my Blog. Occasionally I will create humor pages for your enjoyment. They can be found in the left column of my home page. Home of the Wysz began with one of these pages, The Third Line. The most popular humor page is the RIDICULOUSLY LARGE Blue Bow Tie, which has now been updated thrice since its introduction. My favorite character on is Homestar, and my favorite character on Family Guy is Mayor West.

Still don't know what HOTW is all about? Have a question? Try consulting my list of Frequently Asked Questions.

That's it for my intro. Ready to enter Home of the Wysz? Let's start with the blog: The Blog