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Episode 3: Wysz Meets Johns

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Johns Hopkins
Wysz (Michael Wyszomierski) next to Johns Hopkins
This is Johns Hopkins. He is much taller than George, so it will be difficult to give him a bow tie.

Michael "Wysz" Wyszomierski gives Johns Hopkins a bow tie
Fortunately, using some tricks with perspective, I was able to stand on a wall in front of Johns and give him a bow tie, while Bill took the picture from the sidewalk below. No computer tricks were used; the illusion was created simply by the camera angle. This is done in many movies that have scenes where someone is supposed to look smaller or larger than other people in the scene. So kids, first I taught you a new way to use a laundry basket, then I gave you a lesson in relativity, and now you know a fun camera trick! Who wants to bring me some cake?

Stuff that happened while out taking pictures:
  • A guy walking past asked if Johns Hopkins was buried under the statues.
  • This.
Special thanks to Bill Speier for postponing his nap to take the pictures. I don't know why I changed the color scheme on this page, but I think it's ugly.

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