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This letter comes from anonymous. anonymous correctly voted that I am cool.

Dear Spockdatacool,

    Are we there yet?

Crapfully yours,

Bill S.

My response:

Dear anonymous,

Wait a minute... when you sent the message, you entered "anonymous" in the "Your Name" section, but you ended the message by signing it as "Bill S." Oh... I get it. That's funny. Your name is anonymous, so you made up a name with the initials "B.S." Creative.

Spockdatacool? That's a dumb name. Is that some sort of nickname that you had as a child? Or was it your AOL screen name in 7th grade? Spock and Data are both Star Trek characters, and the "cool" suffix seems like a desperate attempt to make yourself feel accepted. How nerdy can you get, nerd? I mean seriously, um... oh I just realized that you were addressing me as Spockdatacool; you weren't using it as a name for yourself. Well, I don't know where you came up with the idea that I would ever use such a name, because I am way too awesome for a name like that. And for the record I've never used the name Spock2230 either. That sounds like a nerd's name as well.

As for your question, "Are we there yet?" Well, anonymous, where exactly are (or were) we going? I don't know what "there" refers to. Right now the only thing on my mind is May 3, 2003. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. If you were referring to April 3, then we were already there. Maybe you are thinking about a longer period of time. 2003? Yes, we are there. Although I do realize that you may not be talking about a time at all. "There" is probably a place. Are we at the Moon yet? Well, I didn't even know we were going there. Unless... maybe "we" isn't you and I. Perhaps you mean "we, the American people." In that case, anonymous, we were there. We first arrived in 1969. You know what? I'm getting tired of trying to guess what you were asking. Just send me an email with a more specific question, and then maybe I'll get back to you. Good day.

That's all for now, folks. Keep those messages coming!

-  Spockdatacool The Wysz

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