Wysz Answers Letter Number 4

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for letter number 4:

Dear The Wysz,

I am completely enthralled and captivated by your blog and website. Ever since I looked up strong bad e-mails on Google and found your website, the 6th one on the list, I have totally enjoyed your irreverent humor. I just thought that you should know this little bit of information.

Raised by a cup of coffee,

My response:

Dear The Author of the Email Quoted Above,

Wow, this is one of the kindest and most unexpected emails I've received. I want to get more, so excuse me for a second.

Strong Bad emails strong bad strong bad hey Google look I talk about Strong Bad.

Sorry about that. Just had to get it out of my system. As I was saying, it isn't often these days that someone takes time out of their day to say something nice. Now I know that people besides my friends actually spend some time looking around. Actually, I don't even think my friends do that. They're just checking to see if I quoted them. Since you are too nice for me to make fun of you, I'll just type what's on my mind for a bit. Prepare yourself. Ready? Here we go.

I better go drop off my timecard soon because I have to get back to work on my work that is due in two hours. By "get back to" I mean "get started." I might go home tonight depending on train schedules and laundry issues. If I don't go home tonight, I will go early tomorrow. That is unless I sleep in. I'll just have to stay up all night as usual. Why am I sitting here at the computer when I should be getting my work done? I've had all week to do it, but stuff comes up. Panther is cool. I have to remember to bring it home. I should really get to work. No, I must first turn in my timecard. Then work. No, I should turn in my timecard, then eat dinner, then work. Yes, that sounds like a plan. I like cake. I had cake for lunch and it was good. The pasta was not. Remember Spot? Why am I doing this? I remember now. Time to stop.

I hope you enjoyed that, AEQA. By the way, I love the cup of coffee reference. Good luck with everything in life and all that. Keep it real. Don't be bad. Obviously you're not bad since you sent that email, so why did I even say that? I guess it's a message to everyone else reading; you may disregard it.

-The Author of the Response to the Email Sent by the Author of the Email Quoted Above the Response

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