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I assumed that the Geocities form thingy had stopped working, but today I woke up to find 3 new messages! They were all from the same person, but still, this is impressive. It's time for letter number 5, from Jamie Jo, who would rather not be in school:

Dear Wysz,

I have a few questions for you.
#1: How do you pronounce your name?(I'm really bad with pronunceations{and spelling})
#2:When did you start this web site and howcome I havent heard of it before?
#3: Where do you live?(ok this question sound stalkish but i only ment state wise)
Thats about all
 Big Fan
   Jamie Jo

My response:

Dear Jamie,

I have a few answers for you.
#1: Wiz. And it's "pronunciations."
#2: I started it with this page in February 2003. You hadn't heard of it earlier because everyone just assumes that everyone else has seen it, so they don't talk about it. I mean it's not like you walk around at night and somebody says to you, "I'm not sure if you've heard about it, but if you look up you can see this thing called the Moon."
#3: Would it sound stalkerish if I told you that I drive through the tiny state of Delaware when I go home to PA? You did send your message from Delaware, didn't you?

Also, please note that I have moved all of my pages to .Mac, so the Geocities stuff you were reading is frozen in time and won't be updated. This is the new main page.


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