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Friends' Websites:

Trumbo's Blog -This guy is one of the funniest people I have ever met. And he actually updates his blog now. With pictures! There is still hope for the Internet.

The Funk Lord of the U.S.A. -JY's site. John's thoughts and plenty of links to interesting sites, organized by category. Includes lots of off-roading, rugby, military, and humor links. This site also features guest columnist Frederick von Whittenbootle.

Miller Time -Miller's site in true Miller style. Need a suggestion for a good movie? He has a long list of them. Plus his own "Deep Thoughts", Eagles stuff, and a bunch of links to Matt-approved sites.

Bill's Xanga Thing -Bill's Xanga thing. Ever read his away message or profile? It's kinda like that.

Duder-Land, Home of the Blake -Blake's site. Rather ingenious, really. "Rather ingenious, really" is an allusion to his links page.

Blake's Xanga Weblog Thing -I wonder if he will ever update it after the first week.

Blake's Blogger Blog -He's "freakin' insane!!!!!!".

WHCL -Hamilton College Radio. "Wouldn't You Like To Know The Name Of Our Show" featuring DJ Sarah Griffith Mondays 6-7 PM.

Audio/Video/Media Stuff:

Stone-Glidden High-Performance Home Systems - Design and installation of home systems including home theaters, whole-house audio, lighting controls, telephone/intercom, and other home automation products. (Not only was I a customer, I was an intern!)

Apple Computer - If you are interested in doing your own video production, I highly recommend using Apple products. Get Final Cut Studio and you're all set.

Word of Chris -Chris's word.

Dave Barry's Blog  The UNOFFICIAL Dave Barry Blog. Check Dave and and FARK, and you'll see the web's best links before they make it to your friend's away mesage. (or CNN).

Stuff Sort of Related to Me:

Before College -Probably some stuff about me here.


Snow Day? (Or Hurricane Day?)

Daily Security Report -Find out if I survived another night in Baltimore.

Wahoo Gazette -This is the official account of my letter to David Letterman. It's kinda boring to read it, but I'm assuming that you're already bored if you're on this page.

Click here if you want to see my first Letterman appearance, which was a cameo mention in the Wahoo Gazette. I understand that I'm probably the only one who thinks this is cool.

Geometry Project -I'm not sure why I am putting this on my links page, but I am. Get some sleep. Count the sheep.


All Your Base Are Belong To Us A crazy classic.

The Tony Mendez Show This online series stars The Late Show's cue card guy, Tony "Inky" Mendez. Dave has stepped down from his position as cohost, but that's not a problem since Stephanie Birkitt replaced him. Tony also welcomes a variety of guests, such as Dr. Lou, George Clarke, and of course Biff. Tony also takes us backstage to the costume department, the mailroom, the intern room, and even the top of the Late Show marquee. When Tony goes on vacation, the show continues with Mike McIntee as a guest host.

Strong Bad -Funny. Random and very funny. Now that I've had a letter read on The Late Show, I can focus all of my creative energy on getting Strong Bad to read one of my emails.

2000 Uses for Peanut Butter -Actually well over 3000. This is a blast from the past. I didn't think that the site would still be online, but yes folks, it's there!

The Onion -"America's Finest News Source"

SkyHigh Airlines -Fake airline website from Alaska Airlines. Pretty extensive and very funny for a corporate joke.


Movie Trailers -Check here before you go to the theater.

The Internet Movie Database -Info. about every movie. -Crunch time? This site will help you cite sources properly, and even alphabetizes your bibliography!

Wikipedia -"The free encyclopedia." Look something up, and if you have something to contribute, please do! -Learn which famous people share your birthday.

Way Back Machine -See what websites looked like from 1996-a few months ago.

ThinkGeek :: "Stuff for Smart Masses." If you feel like buying me a present, give me a gift certificate to here. -I also accept gift certificates to Amazon. (And while we're at it, I like Homestar stuff as well, but I already linked to Strong Bad in the "Humor" section.)

The Computer Forum of Doylestown -Mac-only computer store in Doylestown, PA.

As the Apple Turns -Want to laugh while you read the latest Apple news? Check it out.

Folding@home -Leave your computer on all day? Let this run in the background and help scientists to learn more about protein folding. What is protein folding? Beats me, but I've been told by smart people that it's a good cause. I run the OS X GUI client. It automatically launches when I log in, and runs in the background. It is a very well-behaved program; you won't even know it's there.

Animusic -One of my favorite DVD's. Go to the site and see for yourself. And what is the deal with the cowbell in Drum Machine?

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