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Matt complained that I never use his material in away messages or anything. So, here's some stuff that he's said:

Miller, episode 1
Miltime63 (3:48:39 PM): no pikachu is better

Miller, episode 2
Miltime63: wysz.   parties r cool. cool.
Miltime63: cool cool cool cool.  everybody is friends everybody has a good time cool cool cool cool

Miller, episode 3
Miltime63: hahahahaha
Miltime63: butt
Skier Wysz: yeah
Skier Wysz: omar h. butt
Miltime63: yup
Skier Wysz: it still amuses me
Miltime63: its one of those things that just doesnt die
Skier Wysz: unfortunately

Miller, episode 4
Miltime63 (8:53:56 PM): what day is valentines?
Skier Wysz (8:54:01 PM): i dunno
Miltime63 (8:54:01 PM): like the 14th?
Skier Wysz (8:54:08 PM): you're asking ME?

Miller, episode 5
Miltime63 (1:06:09 AM): u may be the only college kid alive who says im bored i need to get home.
Miltime63 (1:06:26 AM): unless ur home is like some type of amusement park

Miller, episode 6
Skier Wysz (11:40:25 PM): how's the roommate
Miltime63 (11:40:29 PM): cool
Miltime63 (11:40:36 PM): last name not butt

Miller, episode 7
Miltime63 (1:07:24 AM): i'd massacre the country of france for a snow day tomorrow

Miller, episode 8
Miltime63 (3:28:05 AM): aight cya. n need sleep cause im npot a freakin vampire sime SOME people
Miltime63 (3:28:09 AM): ccccccccccya\

Miller, episode 9
Miltime63 (10:09:05 AM): ok so this morning, when my alarm went off, w/ only 3 hrs of sleep i viciously attacked my computer speaker trying to turn that sound off. this went on for at least 3 minutes until finally my roomate woke up and told me that it was the clock

Miller, episode 10
Miltime63 (5:15:08 PM): so the entire onion thing is a complete falsity?

Miller, episode 11
Skier Wysz (7:03:17 PM): whatever. im not going for a good time. just going
Miltime63 (7:03:31 PM): riiight
Miltime63 (7:03:40 PM): but in the process u'll have a good time
Skier Wysz (7:03:51 PM): perhaps, probably not
Miltime63 (7:03:53 PM): i dont even know what that statement means

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