From Wysz's Library:

Composed by Brendan Houle using Apple's Soundtrack software while he was supposed to be studying for his Automata exam. Free download.

Composed by Ted Skuchas on his iBook with Apple's GarageBand software, which comes free with every Mac. Free download.

Composed by me using GarageBand for a music class assignment. Free download.

Traffic Jam
Composed by Ted Skuchas with GarageBand on his PowerBook hooked up to my car stereo as we drove to the Preakness. Free download.

Song 1
One of Ted's earlier creations. Maybe his first. Who knows. Free download.

300x250 2MM
BTS_EDU-125x125   U2iPod-125x125

From the iTunes Music Store:

What is the iTunes Music Store?

Free Single of the Week

If you have never used the iTunes Music Store, this is your perfect chance to try it out for free. What do you have to lose? Check back every week for a new free single.

My iMixesicon:

Welcome to Macintosh.icon
Apple trivia buffs will enjoy this iMix that I published which lists the music you hear when you first turn on a new Mac. I currently have the intro music for 10.0 - 10.2, Panther, and Tiger.

Most Rockin' Mannheim Steamroller Christmas icon
These are some of the most upbeat and non-traditional songs released by Mannheim Steamroller.

Awesome Christmas Songs icon
Some of the better Christmas songs out there.

Mixed Crowd icon
Thanksgiving dinner was just hours away, and I needed some music for the background that would appeal to all generations. I went through my library, threw a bunch of songs into this mix, and shuffled it all night on my iPod. I even learned that my aunt likes Yes. Go figure.

Downloadable Videosicon (No longer updated)
One of my iMixes, which lists all of the downloadable videos available on the Music Store. Thanks to the following iTunes users who contributed to the iMix:
  1. Patrick Cuyegkeng
  2. trackchick

Don't know what the iTunes Music Store is?

iTunes is a free application from Apple, and works exactly the same whether you're using a Macintosh or a Windows PC. You can download it by clicking here.

iTunes allows you to organize, listen to, and share all of your music. Whether your music is on CD, MP3, AAC, AIFF, or WAV, iTunes can handle it. It will even convert Windows Media files on your PC! One of my favorite new features of iTunes is the Apple Lossless encoder, which allows you to import your CDs into iTunes without losing any sound quality, but only takes up half the space of a CD on your hard disk.

You can listen to your music on your computer's speakers, you can beam it to your stereo using AirTunes, you can burn it on CD (MP3 CD or Audio CD), you can share it with other computers on your network, or, best of all, copy it to your iPod or iPod mini.

But where do you get all of this music? You can always buy it on CD as you're used to, but what if you only want one song, and don't want to pay for the entire album? Or, what if you want the song right now? Some people would try to download it from a file-sharing program. But you know what? It's illegal, it's a pain, the quality isn't great, it's unreliable, oh, and did I mention it's illegal? Who wants to be sued? Use the iTunes Music Store, conveniently located right in iTunes itself.

Songs are 99¢ each (in the US) and most albums are available for just $9.99. The iTunes Music Store is also currently available in the US, UK, France, and Germany. And it couldn't be easier to use. Search or browse for the song you want, listen to a free full quality preview, and then click "Buy Song." Boom— right into your iTunes library. That's it. Oh, and Audiobooks? iTunes has thousands of them. Music videos? Yep, and they're free.

That's not all that iTunes has to offer, but if I told you everything, you'd have a lot more reading to do. It's best that you discover some things on your own, so go ahead, try it out!


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