Why no update?

Thu - December 4, 2003

A sign that I've been awake too long

I was leaning over the sink washing my hands, when suddenly something grabbed my neck! I gasped and immediately looked up to see who was trying to harm me. It turned out to be the hood of my sweatshirt reacting to gravity. Good night.

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Retired profile quote

Skier Wysz (1:40:24 AM): give me a quote for my profile
Pez Man40 (1:41:36 AM): i am an artist of incoherent thoughts

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Yeah, I told her to say it

PRchica422 (3:55:29 AM): YOU ARE AWESOME!!

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Financial advice

If you had money to burn, would you burn it? It would be better if you gave it to charity. So, if you have money to burn, donate it.

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It just gets better and better

From: Brendan Houle
Subject: Re: Hotmail update
Date: December 4, 2003 1:35:51 AM EST
To: Michael Wyszomierski

just like how they wrote my probation letter on November 1 when the
violation took place on November 26.

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Hotmail update

Hotmail correctly tells me that I received the email on December 4th, (today) but the "sent" date stamp is November 5, 2003. Ah, Microsoft.

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It's 1:11!

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Too precious

Microsoft Entourage correctly identified a message from the "Hotmail Staff" as junk mail. Finally Microsoft gets something right.

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Did he not see today's first post?

shkenblke2 (12:42:02 AM): oh, u need 2 hav sum kinda blog post about my birthday
shkenblke2 (12:42:19 AM): if u need sum material, ask 4 it and yee shall recieve

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Those of you who know Blake know that he is extremely proud of his cellular provider, Verizon. Well, I called him from my phone tonight to wish him a happy birthday. I had a strong signal, but after about a minute into our conversation, the connection was dropped. Of course it couldn't have been The Duder's phone, could it? Well, when he came back online, (he had been having trouble with his Internet connection, my connection, by the way, is just fine) I asked him what happened and prepared to apologize for my bad service.

Skier Wysz (12:04:58 AM): did you hang up on me
shkenblke2 (12:05:08 AM): no
Skier Wysz (12:05:14 AM): good
shkenblke2 (12:05:15 AM): i hav really bad service in my room
shkenblke2 (12:05:16 AM): sorry
Skier Wysz (12:05:23 AM): what???
Skier Wysz (12:05:28 AM): you have bad service?
shkenblke2 (12:05:30 AM): yes
Skier Wysz (12:05:36 AM): mr. I HAVE THE BESTEST SERVICE EVER?
Skier Wysz (12:05:57 AM): where's your verizon now, loser?
Skier Wysz (12:06:01 AM): can you hear me now?
shkenblke2 (12:06:15 AM): no, its honestly just in my room
Skier Wysz (12:06:23 AM): sure
shkenblke2 (12:06:25 AM): and if i m by my windo its good

I'm sure most people don't think this is funny, but our friends should love it.

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December 4

Happy birthday to Blake. He's 20.

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Wed - December 3, 2003

Chris's explanation

csvroomfondel (11:52:47 PM): it's not that i have too much free time
csvroomfondel (11:53:01 PM): it's that i choose not to work
csvroomfondel (11:53:04 PM): i think you can appreciate that
Skier Wysz (11:53:07 PM): ah. i respect that
Skier Wysz (11:53:10 PM): yes of course

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Hot site of the day

Things are on fire over at WOC.

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The Last Samurai

That was the first time I ever had to go through a security screening to see a movie.

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Not only did they take my noexistent hot water pot

Let us all say thank you to the Office of Residential Life, keeping residents like myself safe from other residents like Mr. Houle. Without the strict Safety Checks and Closedown, Mr. Houle would have been allowed to keep his fish in a fishbowl located in his room. That's right, he was giving a fish asylum in the very same building that university students live in. One can only imagine what could have happened if this blatant violation of the University's Pet Policy was allowed to continue. What if somebody tried to eat the fish, got his or her head stuck in the bowl, and drowned? We cannot afford to take such risks. Brendan Houle, you should be ashamed.

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A switch

Skier Wysz (12:29:01 AM): in westchester
Pez Man40 (12:29:22 AM): west chester is two words
Skier Wysz (12:29:26 AM): sorry
Pez Man40 (12:29:33 AM): the student is teaching the teacher now

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Contact him, because I don't care

DHopk02 (12:17:52 AM): i think i have a question worthy of your blog
Skier Wysz (12:18:04 AM): give it a shot
DHopk02 (12:18:24 AM): whats the difference between cream of wheat and grits

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Trying to avoid my paper

In the latest installment of Marzipan's answering machine on HomestarRunner.com, Homestar sounds like he's speaking in reverse at one point. I hijacked the audio and then reversed it, and it still sounds like jibberish. So, sorry kids, no hidden message from Homestar.

Also, special thanks to Ted for telling me about the answering machine update.

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Tue - December 2, 2003

Actual lectures: December 2, 2003





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After I move a mountain

Skier Wysz (7:52:01 PM): most people with blogs should not have blogs
csvroomfondel (8:06:25 PM): i concur
csvroomfondel (8:06:31 PM): let's burn the internet
Skier Wysz (8:06:45 PM): alright
csvroomfondel (8:06:46 PM): i'll go find some matches

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Catching up

csvroomfondel (7:31:51 PM): you posted pretty much our entire conversation from a couple of nights ago
csvroomfondel (7:31:59 PM): i think you need to work on a filtering system
Skier Wysz (7:32:13 PM): yeah well i had gone several days without updating
Skier Wysz (7:32:22 PM): so i was kinda playing catch-up
csvroomfondel (7:32:58 PM): ah, so it was like you were a starving man who suddenly has a feast, eats too fast, and throws up
csvroomfondel (7:33:16 PM): only in your case it comes out as lots of IM conversations posted to you r blog
Skier Wysz (7:33:25 PM): um, sure

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They're taking stuff that's not even there!

Today I checked my mailbox and found a letter addressed to me from the Housing Department. According to the letter, on November 26, 2003, they "performed a closedown Health and Safety Inspection" of my room. During this inspection, they found and confiscated an illegal cooking appliance. Did I not read the Community Standards and Policies brochure that I recycled on the first day of school?

The confiscated item was identified as a "Rival - Hot Water Pot." The funny thing is, I have never owned such an item. Maybe it was in our bathroom or something, and belongs to one of my suitemates. I may never know, because I don't care. I just thought it was funny.

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I'm alright, folks. Just a little nap to avoid my paper.

shkenblke2 (2:45:30 PM): r u feeling ok?
Auto-Response from Skier Wysz (2:45:31 PM): paper due tomorrow... so i'm asleep.
shkenblke2 (2:45:34 PM): seriously
shkenblke2 (2:45:42 PM): i mean u havnt left me ne messages
shkenblke2 (2:46:00 PM): and ur blog hasnt been updated since 9:19 last niget
shkenblke2 (2:46:01 PM): nite
shkenblke2 (2:46:04 PM): and now ur sleeping
shkenblke2 (2:46:20 PM): the only thing normal about u rite now is th@ ur shirking ur work?
shkenblke2 (2:46:29 PM): should i call a doctor or sumthin?

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Compelling reminders

Reneelet (11:27:29 PM): i feel compelled to remind you to sleep tonight

Reneelet (10:57:35 AM): i feel compelled to remind you to wake up

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Octopus Line

Yes: 3
No: 8

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I'm sure this made sense to him
Because it's so easy
A new project
Good news
Guinea pig gig
My heart's still racing
Why did I post this?
A correction
No time for title
'Tis the season to be awesome
It's late so I am just posting anything
A wise "descision"
Now this post is completely unnecessary
Giving him a place to vent
So, if anyone at JHU is reading this...
Bill's first post-Thanksgiving quote
The Tall Guy
Better get this quote thing fired up again
Actual lectures: December 1, 2003
iPod ad here, iPod ad there, iPod ads are everywhere!
City of brotherly shouting
Surprises are awesome
Back in Baltimore
I know the blog is on hiatus, but
On hiatus
It's today!
False alarm
Must be Freshmen registration day...
Works for me!
November 24
I can't wait!
Appetite killer
Legal action is coming