Fri - October 24, 2003


Did I mention that Panther is awesome? One cool cat.

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Greetings From The Future

Hey, it's past 8:00 somewhere, right? The cat's out of the bag—or box—whatever, Panther is here! Looks like my iBlog data transferred perfectly, so I can start posting again right now!

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Thu - October 23, 2003


They must have seen my last complaint, because moments later, Apple emailed me a tracking number for Panther! According to FedEx, it will be delivered by 3:00 tomorrow. Apple, you're off the hook. FedEx, I trust you. Hopkins Mail Services: don't disappoint me. No more entries tonight... I'm going to do a little research for Expository Writing, and then it's time to PREPARE FOR PANTHER.

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Oh well

In case you're new to the blog, let me introduce myself. I'm Michael, and I'm an idiot. Just when I figured out that it was cheaper for me to buy two individual copies of Panther at the educational price than it was to buy a "Family Pack" at the retail price, my copy shipped, so it is too late to cancel. I was even getting excited about going to the Apple Store Towson. I still have all year to buy two software products with an educational discount, so I'll have to find out what else I want. I'm looking into Photoshop 7, since my current version is 5. Yes, I have a legal copy of Photoshop.

Apple has not given me any tracking information yet. This means that the product has not actually been shipped, but it's at that too-late-to-cancel point. As soon as I receive a tracking number, I will be following Panther's every move. When it arrives, I'm headed straight to the mailroom with a printout of the delivery confirmation.

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What is going on here?

My Panther order is still "Open." If it's not shipped by tomorrow morning, I'm canceling my order as soon as the phone lines open. There's an Apple Store in Towson. I'll figure out how to get there.

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If I had Panther, I wouldn't be doing this

Skier Wysz (2:53:06 PM): what time is canada
ironviking 60 (2:53:16 PM): what is "blue"?
Skier Wysz (2:53:29 PM): no tell me when it is
ironviking 60 (2:55:15 PM): spain
Skier Wysz (2:55:29 PM): good

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I'm sorry. I just have to complain.

I am getting nervous because Panther hasn't shipped yet. If I was home, this would be fine, since I can accept a delivery as soon as it comes. However, I am at school, so if it doesn't get here early enough, I have to wait until the next day! If I have to wait until Saturday, package pickup time isn't until 7 PM! Don't do this to me, Apple. Please help out the Wysz.

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Crime Report

Congratulations to The Johns Hopkins University! From 8 AM October 21 - 8 AM October 22, 2003, no crimes were reported to the Security Department! The only note on the daily bulletin was an alarm at the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, but that thing must just be on a timer, or perhaps it is afraid of the dark, because it goes off every single night.

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I thought I was due for a JHU complaint

I just tried logging on to the online registrar services, just as I have done a hundred times before, and it's not letting me in!

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Just cause I felt like I needed another entry

ironviking 60 (8:49:04 AM): oh, well, yeah ok
Skier Wysz (8:49:18 AM): oh, well, yeah ok
ironviking 60 (8:49:24 AM): yeah

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Staying cool

ironviking 60 (8:45:38 AM): you haven't updated your blog in a while either
Skier Wysz (8:45:53 AM): i know, i'm trying to be cool about this panther thing
Skier Wysz (8:46:19 AM): but if i start writing on any topic, i will undoubtedly turn the subject to panther
ironviking 60 (8:46:30 AM): fight it

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Wed - October 22, 2003

I'm staying cool, man.

Sure, other people have already received their copies of Panther, but have you seen a string of complaints from me? Mine hasn't even shipped yet while some people are enjoying fast-user switches and eposés, but I'm being cool about it. I'm even being positive. Today I noted that while my order remains "Open," the shipping method has been updated from "standard shipping" to "standard overnite." I'm also telling myself that it's not a disaster even if I don't get the cat until Saturday. I can use the time to finish a video project and clear it off my computer. I'm cool. I can wait. I just can't wait until Monday, so IF THE MAILROOM HOLDS IT ANY LONGER THAN I DEEM ACCEPTABLE, I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANY HAPPY ENTRIES.

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Why do I do this?

ironviking 60 (3:24:05 PM): wow, I'm impressed by the fact you haven't updated your blog during the course of our conversation

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Intelligence at Hopkins

For one of my film classes, we had to watch a submarine movie called "Run Silent, Run Deep." One of the students wanted to know why no metal pieces of the sub floated to the surface. She actually said that this made the film LESS believable to her.

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At last count, Santa had 980

I was looking at my Christmas playlist in iTunes, and it consists of 190 Christmas songs, providing 11.3 continuous hours of Yuletide spirit. These 190 songs only include my holiday CD's and a few tracks from the iTunes music store. They do not include the tapes I keep in my car or the MIDI CD that Ted made. In total, I estimate my current holiday music collection to be somewhere around 250 unique tracks. It will certainly grow again this year as I browse the iTunes music store and discover new songs on the radio and satellite.

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Tue - October 21, 2003

Give me a break

My suitemate is still laughing.

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News Bit Outtake

shkenblke2 (9:52:36 PM): ive got a news bit 4 ya
Skier Wysz (9:53:00 PM): you may submit it for my consideration
shkenblke2 (9:53:21 PM): Actual living vampire found 2 b living in Johns Hopkins Building B dormitory
shkenblke2 (9:53:44 PM): or Living vampire spotting while trying to get a pepsi in the basement of building B
shkenblke2 (9:53:57 PM): th@ would b funny
Skier Wysz (9:54:09 PM): too specific sorry
shkenblke2 (9:54:18 PM): ok, blog post then?
Skier Wysz (9:54:22 PM): of course
shkenblke2 (9:54:33 PM): score 1 for blake
shkenblke2 (9:54:36 PM): rahahahaha!!!

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Be quiet!

I have my door closed and my music on, but all I can hear is my suitemate's annoying and obviously exaggerated (he has a female visitor) laugh every 10 seconds.

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I have no control anymore

ironviking 60 (4:08:49 PM): update your blog!

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But there's going to be free food

I saw a poster yesterday advertising an "Apple Technology Preview" on campus at 5:00 on Thursday. Today, I sent an email to the group organizing the event and asked what the topic will be. I got a response informing me that they would be previewing Panther. For those of you who don't know, Panther will be released on Friday. A sneak preview one day before launch? I will be going anyway, so if anyone has questions for the Apple engineer who will be speaking, send them to me.

My guess is the Apple guy will be wearing jeans and a black shirt. I bought my G4 at The Computer Forum on the day of GA's Winter Belfry production, so I was dressed completely in stage crew black. A customer, assuming by my appearance that I worked there, asked me if the iMac comes with AppleWorks. It does.

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I posted as soon as I heard!

Speier70 (12:07:50 PM): you should update more often

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The doctor is in

The loss of teeth in dreams is quite common. It usually means that you are thinking/worried about loss of any type and that the subconscious experiences that worry of loss as the loss of the teeth.


Tony “Freud Boy” Trumbo

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Lo siento, pero no hablo alemán

ironviking 60 (8:44:24 AM): Aktualisieren Sie Ihr blog!
Skier Wysz (8:44:33 AM): i will around 10
ironviking 60 (8:45:36 AM): Nine!, der fruher verlangt konstante Aktualisierungsvorgänge Ihres blog!
ironviking 60 (8:52:02 AM): wow, translate sure is fun

For those non-German speakers out there, here is a translation of the conversation (in English):
ironviking 60 (8:44:24 AM): Update it blog!
Skier Wysz (8:44:33 AM): I wants around 10
ironviking 60 (8:45:36 AM): Nine!, more fruher requires constant updating processes of their blog!
ironviking 60 (8:52:02 AM): Wows, translates safe is fun

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Another email

I just received what is probably the 20th email this semester from the network people here urging me to get the latest Windows patches in reaction to recently discovered vulnerabilities in the OS. I can have a very dark sense of humor, so these messages just make me laugh.

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Best post of the day goes to...

After a personal experience that would upset most people, Tony Trumbo posted this blog entry yesterday. The two most likely explanations are that he either chipped and swallowed it while eating or sleeping. That is something that would definitely freak me out, but I guess Tony just knows how to handle these things.

For about a week in September, I had these recurring dreams about my teeth falling out. The first couple dreams were scary, and I would rush to the dentist, only to find that he wasn't in the office at midnight. In the later dreams, it was hardly an event. I didn't even save my teeth. I would hold them in my hand for a minute and look at them, then just throw the entire set away.

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