Thu - October 23, 2003

If I had Panther, I wouldn't be doing this

Random AIM conversation

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Just cause I felt like I needed another entry

A random quote.

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Staying cool

I try not to post a thousand Panther entries.

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Wed - October 22, 2003

Why do I do this?

John speaks. Again.

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Tue - October 21, 2003

News Bit Outtake

Blake tries his hand at a News Bit

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I have no control anymore

John forces an update

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I posted as soon as I heard!

Here's your update, Bill.

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The doctor is in

Tony's response to my response to his response to losing part of his tooth

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Lo siento, pero no hablo alemán

Vikingeisen, at 8:44:24 morgens, uses Sherlock's "Translate" channel, revealing the fact that he doesn't know the proper spelling of "nein."

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Mon - October 20, 2003

I drag and drop all of my AIM quotes to my blog

John discovers another powerful feature of the Mac OS.

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I go to dinner at an odd hour

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I warned them

I am a "letdown."

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Sun - October 19, 2003

Dude, Chris, I really feel sick and want to lie down

Chris makes ME update!

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But it got me to update!

I try to influence another update on Word of Chris.

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Blake gets quoted again

Blake explains the concept of waking up.

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I do have some classes during the day

Dan explains my nocturnal habits

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Impersonating Bill

I tried talking to Ted with Bill's screen name.

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My Building B Reputation

I'm known as "The Other Sophomore"

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Sat - October 18, 2003

News Bit Inspiration

John learns what inspired the daily News Bit on Home of the Wysz.

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Pirate joke.

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Fine Blake, here you go.

Blake wants to be in my blog.

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My question about shirts is answered.

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Fri - October 17, 2003

But he admitted it was funny

Dan tells me I post too much.

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Sometimes I think he's the smart one

Ted points out a flaw in my logic.

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He should just disappear for a week to see what happens

Oelkers cannot be replaced.

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Caller #4 (Male #1)

A curious student picks up Bill's phone.

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Thu - October 16, 2003

Am I really that bad?

Bill explains that my only incentive to do something is that it prevents me from doing something else. Understand?

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I've never heard of naseball

Matt confirms Ted's accusation that I live in a hole.

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Not that far from the truth

John does an impression of yours truly.

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Immediately following its release, I had a 40 minute phone call with a very excited Ted.

iTunes for Windows arrives. And it's exactly the same.

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Legitimate Crack

I crack my neck on the phone again.

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Ted's Response

Ted defends his laundering marathon, but soon changes subject.

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Talking about the Tall Guy

John and I discuss Ted and his laundry

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Wed - October 15, 2003

And this is all I can share with you

John prepares to offend everyone.

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The Duder's thoughts on my insomnia

Blake warns of a possible update drought.

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Time Management

Once again, I waste my time talking to John.

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It's not that late

I can't understand why people sleep at night.

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Tue - October 14, 2003


Ted doesn't like change.

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Another Apple post

Chris anticipates good financial news for Apple when they expand their market share of the music-download industry.

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Fri - October 10, 2003

Here ya go

Bill demands an update

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Kids these days...

What has email/IM done to our literacy?

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Thu - October 9, 2003

"The Duder" contributes his first quote

Blake's first entry.

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Don't Worry, You've Been Quoted

John realizes that his quotes are being published.

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Bill said it looked "forced."

John doesn't like my "Complaints" category picture.

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My keyboard is alphabetical...

John is angry about Q's proximity to W on the QWERTY keyboard.

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John's First of Many

Here we go...

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What's In A Name? Extra Letters.

Sarah makesh funh ofh myh nameh.

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Wed - October 8, 2003

Quote Denial

Bill refuses to give me my first "quote" entry

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