What's In A Name? Extra Letters.

Sarah makesh funh ofh myh nameh.

hwy2he11 (2:47:12 AM): i thought of something that i forgot in the last letter. You said that my "h" on the end of my name was unnecessary, well I want to say that I do not think youare one to talk mister "i have like 10 extra vowels in my last name" and what is that "s" right there? Maybe then you should change it to just "The Wiz" like that play. or some freaky long german namethats way too long, i cant really think of one right now.
hwy2he11 (2:47:39 AM): Well, I did not think i would disturb you at 2:47, unlike most people, so if i did well I am sorry.. anyways, ttyl dude

2:47? (Hey, that's kinda like 24/7. Same digits, anyway.) It's 3 AM and I still haven't taken out my syllabus to see what I have to write a paper about for my 10:30 class. Never worry about disturbing the Wysz, kids. If I'm away, the sound is muted, so send all the IMs you want. I turn of my cell if I don't want to be disturbed, so call that anytime. In fact, your chances of actually talking to me increase tremendously when the sun is down. Email and snail mail is of course always appreciated.

And about the German name—On one of my history papers in high school, I credited Volker Von Überdenheimmennolouseken as my "Underpaid Typist."

Posted: Thu - October 9, 2003 at 03:08 AM