Time Management

Once again, I waste my time talking to John.

After another sleepless night, I started this conversation with John when he signed on:
Skier Wysz (8:27:46 AM): tag is the dumbest game ever
ironviking 60 (8:27:55 AM): ok
Skier Wysz (8:28:15 AM): i mean it never ends. how do you win? i was always a capture the flag fan
ironviking 60 (8:28:26 AM): yeah capture the flag is awesome
ironviking 60 (8:28:37 AM): well tag does end, its when the last person is tagged
Skier Wysz (8:28:59 AM): really? i thought it just kept going till recess was over
ironviking 60 (8:29:16 AM): well it depends on the kind of tag you are playing
Skier Wysz (8:29:42 AM): just regular tag. tag-you're it until you tag someone else
ironviking 60 (8:30:47 AM): eh, its alright
Skier Wysz (8:31:17 AM): i'm not questioning whether or not it's alright. i was asking if it was ever over
Skier Wysz (8:31:27 AM): is there a victor?
ironviking 60 (8:32:10 AM): who ever doesn't get tagged
ironviking 60 (8:32:39 AM): for the duration of the game
Skier Wysz (8:33:03 AM): so there can be multiple winners
ironviking 60 (8:33:22 AM): go to bed
Skier Wysz (8:34:03 AM): i have to write a paper
ironviking 60 (8:34:31 AM): maybe you should use your time more constructively than talking to me

Posted: Wed - October 15, 2003 at 08:37 AM