Thu - October 23, 2003

Crime Report

A perfect day at JHU

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Wed - October 22, 2003

I'm staying cool, man.

I can wait. I just can't wait long.

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At last count, Santa had 980

I have a lot of Christmas songs.

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Tue - October 21, 2003

But there's going to be free food

Apple previews Panther one day before its release.

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Another email

RESNET wants me to update Windows.

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Best post of the day goes to...

Tony Trumbo!

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Mon - October 20, 2003


I refrain from posting at 5:55

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Why not?


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Brendan, 10:40 AM

Brendan studies for his automata midterm.

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A Productive Evening

Brendan "works."

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A new monicker?

Someone on the phone offers a suggestion.

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Sun - October 19, 2003



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And one more post before I lie down

I am mentioned again on

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Hostile Environment

I experience web browsing on a Windows PC.

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Sat - October 18, 2003

New Humor Page

"Phone" page added to "Home of the Wysz"

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Fri - October 17, 2003

Just an excuse to try out a Music Store link

I went to the Reel Big Fish concert and observed the crowd.

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Using the latest technology

Hopkins students are confused by the modern invention known as the "telephone."

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Caller #5

A fifth stranger talks to me on Bill's phone

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***NEWSFLASH*** Man behind the "Wilson Curve" inducted into GAAHF

Wilson Oelkers is inducted into the Germantown Academy Athletic Hall of Fame.

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Caller #3

A third stranger picks up Bill's phone.

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Thu - October 16, 2003

Gotta prepare

I get ready for some free music with my soft drink of choice.

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This will probably embarass my family

A new poster is created for my long phone connection.

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They sure know how to put on a show

I read about the delivery of the 20th Anniversary Macintosh.

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I don't want to brag, but I do.

I once again save the day acting as tech support for my family.

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Wed - October 15, 2003

I really don't want to write these papers

I want nature to help me out with my homework.

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201:30 and counting

We pass the 200-hour mark!

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Now THAT was confusing!

A screen shot appears as my background

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Check your firearms and lollipops at the door

A security guard confiscates two unlicensed lollipops.

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Tue - October 14, 2003

I'd think of a better title for this entry, but I have a paper to write.

John responds to my request for an update.

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Still keeping the Internet updated

Once again, I am responsible for an updated blog.

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A walk down memory lane

I open up the old PowerBook and take a look.

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Web design

Even Apple's choice of graphic formats amazes me. I admit it, I'm an Apple freak.

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Making PC's more bearable

Apple will soon deliver iTunes for Windows.

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Mon - October 13, 2003

Since I'm doing an update anyway...

It's 11:11.

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Keepin' it fresh for the kids

Once again, I save Tony from a blank home page.

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171:30 and counting...

My phone connection with Bill passes the 100-hour mark, and is quickly approaching 200!

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Fri - October 10, 2003

That was kinda cool

I cracked my neck over the phone.

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What a great font

Courier New rocks.

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Don't worry, I won't post at 6:66

It's 5:55

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Be prepared to scroll...

I'm back to my old habits of incessant posting.

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Pepsi Run: Success

I remembered to go to my building's machine.

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Thu - October 9, 2003


Lots of sirens in Baltimore

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A More Efficient Way to Waste My Time

Tony Trumbo introduces me to the wonderful world of RSS and NetNewsWire.

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74:30 and counting...

Phone connection marathon still going and going...

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Wed - October 8, 2003

49:30 and counting...

Phone connection with Bill's extension passes 48-hour mark

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Wysz's first official Blog Entry

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