Sun - October 19, 2003

Why did JHU accept me?

Tony's explanation: I'm what's known as the "counterbalance."

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I want to make money.

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Fri - October 17, 2003

Why I need a wife

How long can one wear a shirt?

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Thu - October 16, 2003

What else can I brag about?

I recall correcting a teacher.

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Wed - October 15, 2003

I check my email after every sentence

I can't concentrate on writing my paper, thanks to the versatility of the personal computer.

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Tue - October 14, 2003

Here Ted, this one you would have seen on the old page

I want to do society a service.

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After reading a book, I enjoy sleeping.

I always enjoy driving after watching a movie.

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Mon - October 13, 2003

I didn't go to the movies in Middle School

My sister's thoughts on middle-school movie-goers.

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Fri - October 10, 2003

Mixed Feelings

Happy cause I'm going home, complaining cause I'm not on my way.

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Thu - October 9, 2003

Am I paranoid?

I try to adapt to life back at home.

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