Am I paranoid?

I try to adapt to life back at home.

I went into G.A. last Friday. Before all of my friends start yelling at me—I went there to collect. I walked out with $100 cash. Anyway, I met my sister in the GW Lobby, and she told me that Mr. Mattern (aka "Pops", "Special K", etc.) wanted to speak with me. So I picked up my bag (I came straight from the train station) and we started to walk towards his room. "Michael, you can leave your bag here," my sister reminds me. I had been so used to college/Baltimore life that it felt strange leaving my belongings unattended. The fact that my PANTS shirt was in the bag probably had a lot to do with my apprehension.

Posted: Thu - October 9, 2003 at 11:54 PM