Thu - December 4, 2003

Retired profile quote

From Ted.

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Yeah, I told her to say it

But I still appreciate this!

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It just gets better and better

Brendan points out the similarity between Microsoft and JHU.

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Did he not see today's first post?

I comes before E, except after C. That means it's spelled "receive," idiot.

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Blake can't get good cell reception in his room.

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Wed - December 3, 2003

Chris's explanation

Chris chooses pyrotechnics over work.

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A switch

Only temporary, I hope.

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Contact him, because I don't care

I did a quick search on Google, and apparently a lot of research has already been done on the subject.

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Tue - December 2, 2003

Actual lectures: December 2, 2003

Actual events of the day. Also of note, this is my 500th blog entry.

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After I move a mountain

I'll do anything to avoid writing this paper.

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Catching up

I need a filtering system.

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I'm alright, folks. Just a little nap to avoid my paper.

Funny how he corrects his "niget" typo with "nite." Extra points for "shirking" though; that is really good for The Duder.

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Compelling reminders

I'm the last thing Renee thinks of before going to sleep, and the first thing she thinks of in the morning—at least that's the way I read this conversation.

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Mon - December 1, 2003


After I informed The Duder that he is like a haiku.

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I'm sure this made sense to him

Blake's unique form of reasoning.

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A new project

How does one steal mountains?

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Good news

Time extension courtesy of Not Hopkins John.

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Why did I post this?

Because I promised Dan that I would.

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A correction

It's a good thing Hopkins John isn't profane or offensive, as I didn't even have time to read his quote before posting, since he sent it well into the minute of 1:11. I just dragged the quote in and saved the entry.

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No time for title

No time for abstract. Must post now!

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It's late so I am just posting anything

Break is coming!

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A wise "descision"

Geeky conversation between two geeks. We're Mac users, though, so we're the cool kind of geek. Chris even has a TiBook.

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Sun - November 30, 2003

Now this post is completely unnecessary

But here it is. 20 more and I hit 500!

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Giving him a place to vent

Not Hopkins John has a lot of exams, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Except me, of course.

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So, if anyone at JHU is reading this...

Stop reading.

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Bill's first post-Thanksgiving quote

Re: 11:11 and =.

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The Tall Guy

I still don't know what to think.

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Better get this quote thing fired up again

One from Tony.

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Actual lectures: December 1, 2003

Actual events of the day.

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Mon - November 24, 2003

False alarm

Meghan doesn't know if the conversation is over.

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Sun - November 23, 2003

My away message: "Was my suitemate just playing the Knight Rider theme?"

Not Hopkins John responds.

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So it was the scroll buttons that angered her

Not my quotes.

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Is she serious?

Do I care?

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Doing what I can

Hopkins John thanks me.

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I've never had a problem with that

A public service announcement on behalf of Hopkins John.

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Sat - November 22, 2003

Look, I update it.

"Updated," perhaps?

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Why is there duct tape on my hand?

Lizzard184 (12:37:12 AM): and dont forget 2:22
Skier Wysz (12:37:25 AM): haha that's quite an advanced warning
Lizzard184 (12:37:57 AM): less than two hours' warning
Skier Wysz (12:38:18 AM): still i will probably forget
Lizzard184 (12:38:35 AM): you should give yourself a reminder
Lizzard184 (12:38:46 AM): like, put a piece of duct tape on your hand
Skier Wysz (12:38:52 AM): will do
Lizzard184 (12:39:01 AM): and write in permanent marker "2:22!" on it

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Fri - November 21, 2003

Okay, that's really the last one till December

Duder's FINAL November quote.

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He could have done better

Duder's pre-Thanksgiving thoughts.

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Seemed like a good idea at the time

Still seems like a good idea, but it's 2:52 AM.

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She believed me

That's right, I quoted you again, Lizzard184!

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But she was happy to be quoted

Be proud of your quotes, kids!

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2:22 AM

It's 2:22.

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Thu - November 20, 2003

Just updating to update

More from Not Hopkins John.

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About his website update

Not Hopkins John's update is "coming." He updates mine quite often.

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Ruining my fun

Blake won't sing.

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Ah, the Duder.

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After realizing I didn't know the names of any equipment...

I make up fake model names for a diagram in my project.

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It's just a joke

A tale of two liars.

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Wed - November 19, 2003

I've even been to D-Level

They have motorized shelves there!

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Thinking about break is better than doing my Tech Comm project
It's that time again
Blake, are you reading this?
Why are his quotes always so long? Oh, and he means "flair."
He bought it!
I just can't resist
Actual lectures: November 18, 2003
Tuesday morning fun
I already have a Mac
My away message: dinner. first one to leave 50 messages wins!
Big deal
Ted's "arguement"
The Amazing Ted
Actual lectures: November 17, 2003
What made it? This:
Strange night
I believe him
Re: The Flooding that Took Place in Eric and Brendan's Suite Tonight
I'm the best
Fortunately, he stopped a few minutes later
Am I making fun of it if I'm just quoting a song title?
Time travel
Keeping the peace
Since I post everything
Dreaming of iPods and aircraft carriers
Let's see if he does
Everyday conversation
And you call yourself a geek
VC Plug
Small talk
Blake's words
Everyone has a unique style
Bonus points
Leave me alone
This is still my blog, right?
A stupid suggestion
Update to the Bill-Renee thing
The battle continues
I have my principles
11:11 Reminders
A fix
Maybe I'll transfer
Lull. I like that.
I am impressive
So I wasn't the only one
I'm letting him win
Actual lectures: November 10, 2003
GAPC update
Before I go to the library
I accept everything
An idea for a Pepsi commercial
I think we've had enough of Blake
Any better?
Here's an update, BuffyPrep5!
Conan + Triumph + Will Ferrell = Awesome show
Since Ted doesn't have time to read this
Um, I believe you meant "taking"
2 more...
'Nother thing from John
A statement from Not Hopkins John
Of course it's going on the website
Kinda true
Grammar lesson
It's coming...
Plugging it in also helped
Most of this conversation was censored, but:
But is schoolwork fun?
Some nicknames
I hope this is the conclusion
No, I don't. See previous post.
A post of Hopkins John's own
The Duder just gives up
Giving everyone a voice
Look it up in your grammar manual
Oh boy, here we go
Just let me hit "Publish!"
Welcoming committee
I was just testing something
I just tell it like it is
Today's lesson
Done! Next?
He's organized
But he won't mind if I post this on the Internet
John is a loser
John smells
I didn't make this one up
A winner!
One down...
The kids are taking this seriously