Responding to site feedback

I give Blake a sense of accomplishment.

shkenblke2 (8:05:35 PM): oh, i have a complaint 2 issue
Skier Wysz (8:05:39 PM): ok
shkenblke2 (8:06:46 PM): the link on ur home page to ur blog, sux. 1st of all, its labeled thoughts, but its really ur blog. 2nd of all its @ the very bottom of the page, it should b closer 2 the top so i dont hafta scroll down 2 clik on it everytime
shkenblke2 (8:07:05 PM): and i dont wanna hav a separate bookmark 4 th@ 2
shkenblke2 (8:07:13 PM): u only get 1 bookmark
Skier Wysz (8:07:21 PM): fine give me five minutes
shkenblke2 (8:07:25 PM): haha
shkenblke2 (8:07:52 PM): ive won ive won ive won!!!!!

Posted: Sun - October 26, 2003 at 08:28 PM