My 300th blog entry!

ironviking 60 (7:00:04 PM): I just got a server error trying to load your site
Skier Wysz (7:00:16 PM): let me see
ironviking 60 (7:00:29 PM): ok, its fine now
Skier Wysz (7:00:40 PM): yeah sorry i had to recalibrate the megachip
ironviking 60 (7:01:23 PM): ok ok, yeah those laser megachips are pretty tough sometimes, especially when you have to mess around with the CCD's in FCP 3
Skier Wysz (7:03:34 PM): yeah, i've found that by calculating the exchange rate of the buffer, you can compensate for the overload potential of the resource values
ironviking 60 (7:03:53 PM): I never thought about that
Skier Wysz (7:04:01 PM): it's only logical
ironviking 60 (7:05:40 PM): TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!
Skier Wysz (7:05:51 PM): ok that's enough i have the quote

Posted: Thu - November 6, 2003 at 07:11 PM