It's late so I am just posting anything

Break is coming!

Skier Wysz (12:32:32 AM): hey it's december
Skier Wysz (12:32:35 AM): that's awesome
csvroomfondel (12:33:33 AM): i want break
csvroomfondel (12:33:59 AM): i want to relax, ski, and have nothing to actually do
Skier Wysz (12:34:09 AM): dont we all
csvroomfondel (12:35:24 AM): maybe there will be a massive snowstorm shutting down the Univeristy during exam period that prevents us from taking them
Skier Wysz (12:35:45 AM): yeah, or maybe i will just leave before the exam period
csvroomfondel (12:35:54 AM): maybe i hate you
csvroomfondel (12:36:03 AM): how did you pull that off?
csvroomfondel (12:36:11 AM): wait, i dont want to know
Skier Wysz (12:36:16 AM): film and media major/not taking any real classes
csvroomfondel (12:36:16 AM): it will just anger me to hear it
csvroomfondel (12:36:29 AM): i should lower my aspirations
Skier Wysz (12:36:42 AM): this is actually my 3rd semester without any exams during exam week
csvroomfondel (12:36:56 AM): so, that would be all your semesters
Skier Wysz (12:37:03 AM): last fall i had one during the reading period
Skier Wysz (12:37:18 AM): nay, two during the reading period!
Skier Wysz (12:37:21 AM): and on the same day
Skier Wysz (12:37:33 AM): so there. i've been through some tough times
csvroomfondel (12:37:55 AM): take a couple of engineering courses then tell me about tough times
Skier Wysz (12:38:25 AM): i've already taken 4 computer classes and tech comm. all engineering.
csvroomfondel (12:38:42 AM): those dont count, they arent real engineering courses
csvroomfondel (12:38:46 AM): at least tech comm isnt
csvroomfondel (12:38:50 AM): what computer courses?
Skier Wysz (12:39:33 AM): intro to compsci, intro to java, intro to C++... umm i see that's only three. i guess when i typed 4 i was thinking total engineering courses
csvroomfondel (12:39:55 AM): arent into java and intro C++ the same thing almost
Skier Wysz (12:40:02 AM): oh i went to objective C once
csvroomfondel (12:40:06 AM): i know if i take both, i only get credit for one
Skier Wysz (12:40:26 AM): well looks like you don't know how to beat the system
csvroomfondel (12:40:42 AM): looks like i dont
csvroomfondel (12:42:15 AM): k, i function on a normal sleep schedule, so i'm gonna go to bed

Posted: Mon - December 1, 2003 at 12:44 AM