Brendan can't accept the loss of the phone connection.

After learning about the end of the phone connection, Brendan was very depressed. My phone had only been on the hook for 2 hours when it rang again, startling me. I forgot how loud the ring was. He started rambling nonstop. I had never heard him speak so fast or desperately. I think he was crying. He said something like this:

"Don't hang up! I'm putting the phone back in the hall, and nobody will know, okay? You have to change your website. Say that you had false information, and you looked into it and found that it was Bill's roommate's phone that was hung up. Don't touch the counter code! It is still going. It's not over."

I think this guy needs to get a life. In any case, as of 9:20 PM today, the phone is up and running again, for Brendan's sake.

Posted: Sun - October 26, 2003 at 09:29 PM