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shkenblke2 (11:03:45 PM): hey, i hav a favor to ask
Skier Wysz (11:04:07 PM): what is it
shkenblke2 (11:04:12 PM): i hav another survey for ur website
shkenblke2 (11:04:26 PM): ok, its gonna hav 2 Q's
shkenblke2 (11:09:25 PM): can you remember how to write in cursive, and is it sad th@ a 20 yr old cant anymore except his signature
Skier Wysz (11:11:25 PM): blake i dont think you ever learned cursive
shkenblke2 (11:27:16 PM): i did 2

Posted: Sat - November 15, 2003 at 11:41 PM