Is she serious?

Do I care?

Reneelet (9:04:23 AM): is my computer broken? or have the scroll buttons in the blog disappeared?
Skier Wysz (9:04:35 AM): your computer is broken
Reneelet (9:04:53 AM): every other site has scroll buttons
Skier Wysz (9:05:20 AM): i'm scrolling my site right now
Skier Wysz (9:05:24 AM): YOU ARE IN ERROR
Reneelet (9:06:16 AM): oh ok. now there are scroll buttons. but 5 minutes ago, i assure you, there were not!
Skier Wysz (9:06:45 AM): you can't believe how much i don't care
Reneelet (9:07:38 AM): you just lost a reader
Skier Wysz (9:07:43 AM): awesome

Posted: Sun - November 23, 2003 at 09:10 AM