Thermodynamics is 99% good.

John doesn't find joy in combustion.

Stowington (6:45:45 PM): I have the awful smell of burning gasoline in my lungs
Stowington (6:45:53 PM): Thermo labs suck
Skier Wysz (6:46:20 PM): whatever, i completely support the burning of things in a contolled environment
Stowington (6:47:00 PM): not when you have to sit thre and read tachometers, thermometers, gas analyzers, flow meters, etc.
Stowington (6:48:26 PM): the temperature gun was fun though
Skier Wysz (6:48:28 PM): you guys actually read that stuff? i thought it was all for show. you know, you just walk around in white labcoats with clipboards, then admire the pulsating lights on the wall... isn't that what you do?
Stowington (6:48:45 PM): that's after we graduate
Stowington (6:48:53 PM): we have to pretend we know what we're doing first

Posted: Tue - October 28, 2003 at 06:52 PM